Complete Guide to Adc Bank Balance Check Number

The world is changing with innovation and technological advancements. Where technology has several benefits, online scams are also increasing. One should be very careful about finance management and choosing authentic banking services.

ADC Bank is a popular name in this regard. It has a modern system and innovative baking approach. It uses a user-friendly balance check feature for a better experience. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to ADC bank balance check number, you are at the right place. Let’s get straight into it:

What is ADC Bank

What is ADC Bank?

The word ADC stands for Ahmednagar District Central Co-operative. ADC Ltd is a famous bank in India offering smart and safe financial solutions. They are providing financial assistance to farmers and those in rural areas. Their goal is to empower the country with advanced economic solutions.

ADC recently introduced an intelligent feature called ADC bank balance check number. It helps provide easy access to accounts and other services. Don’t get any further and explore all the characteristics of ADCC check numbers.

Understanding ADC Balance Check Numbers

Understanding ADC Balance Check Numbers

A Balance check number is a smart feature that allows users to access their account balance through mobile. The bank provides these unique numbers to customers so they can conveniently inquire about their balance.

Balance check numbers of most banks are toll-free. However, some banks charge some fees and taxes for providing information. You can access the details by SMS, call, or online platforms like ADC bank apps.

Features of Ahmednagar District Central Balance Check System

Features of Ahmednagar District Central Balance Check System

ADC Bank is a reliable service with many advanced features for local communities. Following are some key features of the balance check system:

  • Mobile banking numbers provide details on your phone without visiting the branch. It is 0241 245 1651.
  • Another incredible option is a missed call number for a balance check. It provides accurate bank balance with a single missed call. This number is 7721082223.
  • Smart customer care helpline helps you findrelevant solutions to your problems. By dialing this number, you can talk directly to customer support. This helpline number is +92-241- 2451651
  • It’s hectic to get bank statements of activity these days. So, the ADC bank balance check provides SMS withmini statements. You can get this service by using this number:
  • UPI integration is getting balance details through intelligent You can use Paytm, Google Play, or other apps. Net banking is another accessible feature of ADC.

How to Use ADCC Balance Check Numbers

How to Use ADCC Balance Check Numbers?

ADC Bank balance check number is a simple and easy option. It is designed to be used for people of all age groups. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1- Dial the Number

Dial the assigned ADC Bank balance check number from your registered mobile number. Ensure that you use the number that is linked to your account.

2- Follow Instructions

Upon dialing the number, you’ll hear automated audio. The caller gives instructions for further procedure. The caller will ask for the account number or other identification details.

3- Enter PIN or OTP

Some banks prefer a Personal identification number (PIN), while others use a One-time password (OTP). You must enter that pin or OTP to ensure it’s you.

4- Check Balance

Once you are authenticated, you’ll get the necessary information about your ADC bank account. The balance is conveyed to the user by an SMS on that registered number.

ADC Bank Customer Care Number

ADC Banking believes it’s all about customers. So they have a separate department for providing solutions to user problems. You can complain about issues by dialing this number. ADC customer care helpline is +92-241- 2451651.

Benefits of Using ADC Bank Balance Check Number

Benefits of Using ADC Bank Balance Check Number

ADC bank balance check number provides convenience, time-saving, and easy accessibility. Here are some benefits of using this service:

  • Convenience:This is the first and most straightforward feature, offering a balance check just by dialing the number on your phone. You can get updated after every transaction without visiting a branch or ATM.
  • Time-Saving:The biggest benefit is the easy approach and time Checking your phone via mobile is a quick process that saves time and effort. You won’t have to wait in queues or bank branches.
  • Accessibility:To use this feature, the user doesn’t have to purchase an app or anything else. All you have to do is to register your mobile number. Then you can check your status anytime and anywhere.
  • Availability:These balance check numbers are available 24/7. You can use it even outside of regular bank hours.

Your Route to Seamless Banking- Details of ADC Ltd

Features Details
Name ● Ahmednagar District Centric Ltd

● Provide better finance management to local communities

Total Branches ● 289 all over the country

● Working to develop rustic areas

Website ● ADCC Bank Nagar

● Have relevant digital services

App ● Mobile and net banking

● ADCB banking app on mobile with a user-friendly interface

ATM facility ● Debit cards that can be used all over the country
Account Options ● Saving account or current accounts

● Choose according to your needs and financial requirements

Security Measures

ADC Bank balance check numbers are super convenient, without a doubt. Still, you have to be careful of scams. Following are some security measures:

  • Never Share Sensitive Info:Never share your PIN or OTP with anyone. Avoid sharing sensitive banking information with strangers in or outside the bank or on the phone.
  • Use Registered Number:Never check balance from unregistered or unauthorized numbers. Ensure using your personal registered mobile number.
  • Beware of Scammers:Stay alert of phishing attempts. Don’t provide any data on call, even if they claim to be your bankers. If the bank wants details, they ask you to visit your branch.

Final Verdict

ADC Bank balance check numbers provide a hassle-free solution to staying updated on your account balance. It is efficient and can be used anytime and anywhere. The safety measures and simple methods make it accessible to everyone.

This article covers all the relevant details of this balance check feature. Moreover, customers can directly contact the bank using these dedicated numbers. Join ADC Bank and step into seamless and efficient finance management.


1. What does ADC mean, and how does it assist in reaching potential clients?

The Alternate Delivery Channels Department (ADC) is an important division that helps the bank reach out to potential clients by using ATMs to deliver banking services directly to clients outside branches. ADC has demonstrated that it can meet customer expectations by providing valued customers with 24/7 service that is accurate, convenient, and timely.

2. What does ADC Bank’s Mmid mean?

Participating banks provide their clients with a seven-digit code known as the Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) for using IMPS. MMIDs can only be sent to clients whose preferred mobile number is on file with the bank.

3. Can I access my bank statement via the Internet?

The mobile banking app or Net Banking portal offered by your bank allows you to view your bank statement. With these platforms, you can always check the balances of your accounts. You can access your bank statement online to get real-time updates, monitor it, look for errors, and make financial planning easier.

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