How to watch anime on Roku?

All of us love anime. We grew up watching it all the time. If you want to watch just anime videos, then you should have a specific app for it. What if we tell you that you can watch Anime for free on your big TV screen? Yes, you can watch your favorite Anime videos on Roku. If you do not know how to watch it on Roku, then this article will help you find it out. In this article, we will show you how to stream anime on Roku. So let’s jump right into this article.

What is Roku?

If you want to replace your ordinary TV with a smart TV without buying a new one, then you can use the Roku device on it. It is a completely affordable streaming device. You can watch your favorite TV shows, sports events, live TV, and more on Roku. It has its own app to download different streaming services. You can use these services to stream your favorite content. If your required app is available at the official Roku Store, then there is no problem downloading it. If the app is not available on the Roku store, then you will have to use the help of third-party apps or the casting method. There are a lot of anime channels on Roku. Let us show you how to stream them on it.

Install an anime channel on Roku

Step 1

Open your Roku TV and connect it with a Roku Player.

Step 2

Use the Roku home button to go to the home screen.

Step 3

Find and head towards the Streaming Channels option. Open the Channel Store.

Step 4

Click on the Search Channel option and type the name of the anime channel that you want to watch. If the app is available, then click on it and select Add Channel

Step 5

When the app is installed, go to the apps section and stream its content.

We hope that this article helped you stream anime on Roku TV. Roku TV has a lot of anime channels. You can download, install, and watch any show of your choice. If the app is not available on Roku, then use third-party apps like Hulu TV, Crunchyroll, FunimationNow, etc. If you feel confused about any part of this article, then let us know in the comment section. We will try to make your problem solved.

(6). Enter the Roku account Pin when prompted to complete the purchase or download.

(7). Go to Home on the main screen and launch the anime channel to stream it.

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