Twitch setup donations- A Complete and Step-by-Step Guide

Twitch is a popular platform for people to stream and enjoy as a pastime. In order to work full-time, you’ll have to come up with some more money. You can earn money by setting up a donation account on Twitch.


Donations can be made with Twitch’s built-in currency (Bits) along with Twitch’s built-in subscription service. Bits can be purchased with real money.

Twitch Bits (Twitch’s Official Currency)

Twitch’s official donation method is bits (sometimes known as cheers). They’re a little more difficult to use than just pressing a button to transfer money to a Twitch streamer, and only Twitch affiliates and partners can use them. You can buy bits straight from Twitch with real money by using Amazon Payments, and they act as a type of digital currency.


Users receive special badges in the chat for using their bits, which are shown next to their names in the stream. The badges they receive rise in rank in direct proportion to the amount of bits they use. Every 100 bits (1 cent each bit) used by the Twitch streamer is worth $1.


  • The Official Method: Twitch Bits and Subscriptions

People can “subscribe” to a channel and become a paying subscriber by using subscription services. As a result, they gain access to premium features like subscription-only chat emotes. You will be notified whenever someone subscribes so you may thank them for their support.


Twitch Bits can also be used to make random donations. The built-in currency can be purchased with real money and sent to a Twitch streamer via the cheer command in the chat room.


The sender gets nothing in return, but you will be able to see in-stream donations. You will also notice a greater emphasis on chat messages that contain the cheer command, which is an excellent opportunity to engage with your audience.


In a Twitch chat room, using the cheer command is known as Twitch cheering.


To accept these, you must be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. In addition, Twitch takes a part of your earnings to help maintain the service.


Once you’ve achieved Twitch Affiliate status and configured your payment options, your channel will automatically accept and enable subscriptions and bits. In your Twitch channel dashboard, you have the option to change the donation settings.


  • Steps of Twitch Setup Donations Using PayPal Account

Your viewers can immediately donate money to your PayPal account if you are a Twitch streamer. You will need to provide them access to your PayPal account’s valid email address. Also, if you’d want to donate, there’s a button for that as well. Twitch now has the option to integrate the PayPal contribution button.


These are the steps you must take to add a PayPal contribution button to your profile.

Step 1

To begin, sign in to your own Paypal account, which will be used to receive Twitch contribution funds. Simply go to “Profile” and then “My Selling Tools” to complete the process.

Step 2

The next step is to select the “Manage” option under the “PayPal Buttons” section. Once you’ve done that, simply click the “Donate” button to finish the donation process.

Step 3

Lastly, choose “Donation” as the button type from the drop-down menu that appears on the screen. Once you’ve done this, be sure to update your Twitch channel’s information to reflect the change. You may change the button’s text or appearance by selecting “Customize Text or Appearance” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4

After that, you’ll need to go through the preview process and then click on the Donate button. area. You may save the image by selecting “Save Image As”.

Step 5

All of this must be completed before you can click on the “Create Button” button. You may now access the “Select code” by going to “Email”. This code must be copied by you.

Step 6

Your Personal Twitch account is required now. Click on the username to sign in. To change the channel, go to your screen and select “Channel”. Then pick “Edit” from the drop-down menu under “Admin.” A donation panel may be added by clicking the plus symbol (+).

Step 7

You’ll now have to make a change to a picture. Just click “Add Image” and then “PayPal Gift Button” to donate through PayPal. To link an image, click “DONE” and then “Image Links to” in the menu that appears. Put in the code we copied and pasted some hours ago.

Step 8

Subscribers, watchers, and other game enthusiasts may get an explanation of how to donate on Twitch. To view the dashboard, select “Admin” and then “View.” With this update, the contribution button has been introduced to the game successfully.



To summarize we discussed twitch setup donations. Gamers mostly utilize Twitch as a streaming video service and platform for live broadcasting their gaming sessions online. Twitch now has the option to integrate the PayPal contribution button. Sign in to your own Paypal account, which will be used to receive Twitch contribution funds. Finally, we hope that after reading this post you have a sound knowledge about “How to set up Donations on twitch”.

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