Surf Shark VPN Review | Why Surf Shark VPN?

Surf Shark VPN is new to the market and is initially available in only eleven countries. There are around 1040 servers under this VPNs belt and they’re all built to give you the best speeds that you can enjoy!

Why Surf Shark VPN?

  • Most of the VPNs have a lot of advertisements when their users are utilizing their servers. However, a significant number of commercials during the service spoils the experience of the user. It is an excellent VPN because it doesn’t contain any advertisements.
  • Surf Shark VPN also offers an excellent service in the aspect that users can use a free as well as premium service. However, free service is for a limited time. After that time, it becomes compulsory for users to pay for their premium account.
  • It is that particular VPN that offers double-hop connections. Hence, users can easily switch locations for their router.
  • Surf Shark VPN is being operated in more than eleven countries. The head office of the company is working in the British Virgin Islands.
  • It also has a high server speed, which is around one hundred and ten Mbps. It is considered as one of the excellent server speed, especially for a virtual private network. There also some other VPNs which offer high speed, but their packages are too expensive.
  • However, out of the top eighty VPNs, It stands at an overall second position and has one of the cheapest packages in the market. Its packaging is around one dollar and fifty cents per month. Thus, it is the lowest if compared with bundles of other VPNs.
  • As the majority of people know, surf shark VPN was introduced in 2019. In the same year, they received three nominations in Ultimately they won the best VPN prize. So they provide one of the best VPN services.

Works on:

The app works on multiple platforms and even on gaming consoles such as:

  • Windows App.
  • Mac Os.
  • Linux.
  • Android.
  • IOS, iPhone and iPad.
  • Browsers such as chrome and firefox.
  • Amazon Fire TV app.
  • Apple TV.
  • Playstation and Xbox


Safety while connecting to public hotspot:

As we know that whenever a user is travelling in a market place or passing somewhere, a diverse range of public hotspots appear whenever you turn on the wifi option on your phone.

However, if you connect to a public hotspot in this scenario, you can’t ensure your safety. Therefore, if you have installed Surf Shark VPN on your cellular device, then you will not suffer any crime or theft. However, your identity gets protected in this way. Therefore, it ensures online safety.

Availability, Speed, and Money Savior:

In most cases, people suffer a lot of connectivity problems. These problems are due to the lower median speed of the server. However, if users stick to using Surf Shark VPN, then they never face these sorts of problems. They will only face short term connectivity problems if their network connection trips.

However, its packages are of low cost and serve the same purpose as other VPNs. Thus, these help people save a lot of money due to the cheap boxes.

They also help people save money in some other aspects. You can consider the example of online shopping. Most of the shopping sites are unavailable in some areas. If you connect to Surf Shark VPN, you can connect to those sites and also easily avail of their promotional offers.

Unblocking social media and Anonymous Browsing:

Users are availing the service of Surf Shark VPN avail a lot of advantages. Some of those advantages include Anonymous browsing, and social media unblock. In some countries like Algeria, many social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are blocked. However, without a threat to the identity Surf Shark VPN quickly lifts the ban so that users can easily avail themselves of their service.

Users efficiently do anonymous browsing availing the service of Surf Shark VPN. However, most of the users are confused, thinking about the fact that their information gets leaked or misused in some way. So, despite being a new VPN service, this type of complaint has never been registered. Hence if an overall rating is considered from different regions of the world, it is one of the safest VPNs.


You can feel safe while using Safeshark as they have a host of reasons why you should trust them with your privacy such as:

  • Surfshark does not collect any logging data and connection data as well.
  • The only info it collects is your email, encrypted password and billing information. The billing information can be avoided totally if the user is able to pay with cryptocurrency.
  • Warrant canary helps the app inform the user of third party requests for personal information.


Median speed of two hundred Mbps.
Cheap packages than other VPNs.
Information never gets mishandled
Allows users to use streaming platforms like Netflix.


Often slows down the speed of connection for other devices.
Suffers a loss of data.

Pricing and plans:

The app has three very popular and extremely cheap deals that you can get yourself. They are as follows:

  • You can use the app for one month for the price of 11.95$.
  • You can use the app for a year with a payment of 5.99$ per month.
  • The best deal that the app provides is 1.99$ per month for twenty-four months, which lets you save up to 83%.

Final thoughts:

If you want a VPN that you can get the most out of a buck then this is the VPN for you. With great speeds, great information handling and a multitude of platforms you can find this on, no wonder this VPN is rising through the ranks of great VPNs.

The drawback of the VPN is that it’s limited in certain countries, so you might experience a dip on some servers, although that will get resolved as the VPN will continue to grow in popularity. Other than that, the VPN is really a bargain for people that want to protect their information with the best that VPN services can offer.

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