IP Vanish VPN Review | Why Choose IP Vanish VPN?

IP Vanish, as the name suggests, is a VPN which started their service in 2012. It has a set of quality protocols that manage the functionality of the server. Therefore, it has several great applications like lifting the ban from all the blocked content. Thus, in 2016 it also received an award for the number one virtual private network.

Initially, IP vanishes VPN used to offer its services for Microsoft windows. Later on, they extended their services to other platforms.

Why Choose IP Vanish VPN?

There is an immense number of reasons for choosing an IP Vanish VPN. I’ll discuss some of these reasons below.

The main reason to choose IP Vanish VPN is that it provides a stable environment for the user whenever he surfs through the web. Therefore, whenever a user gets connected to a public hotspot, the IP Vanish VPN client saves the user if the connected hotspot is harmful. Hence, it keeps the user in many ways.

IP Vanish VPN client uses a military level encryption system. Therefore, there is no possible way that a hacker can steal user information in any way. However, in this way, the data is protected with AES encryption, so there is no possible way that anyone can know about the user.

IP Vanish also has a NO-log Policy. Therefore, the history of the user is not saved by the company. However, IP Vanish has a strict implementation of its policies. Thus, due to these reasons, it can be said that IP Vanish is one of the best VPNs to choose from.

There is also one of the best reasons to choose an IP Vanish VPN. If a user buys one of their premium subscription plans, then IP Vanish allows a user to use an account on ten devices. There will also be no compromise on speed.

Works On:

Like the majority of VPNs Ip vanish is not restricted to a single platform but is available for multiple platforms. Its platforms include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, Mac OS, and Fire TV.


IP Vanish has some great and unique features. I’ll discuss some of these features here.

  1. IP Vanish has several protocols that ensure the proper working of the client. Therefore, these protocols include IPv6, Open VPN, PPTP, SCL, etc. Thus, PPTP and Open VPN are some of the most important contracts.
  2. It also contains an internet kill switch. Whenever a user faces a problem, the kill switch plays an essential role by cutting the internet from the connection. It’s vital whenever a user suspects any unknown activity.
  3. It facilities the users in such a way that users browse anonymously. Hence, no one can notice any of your activities. It does so by assigning a virtual location to the user. Therefore he also has a fake IP address because the original address gets encrypted.
  4. After subscribing to any data bindle, in case the client doesn’t get satisfied, then the user can get his money back within a week. However, it has a one-week money-back guarantee.
  5. Its services are present in seventy-five different regions alongside one thousand three hundred different server locations. Therefore, it produces an average speed of about two hundred Mbps.


While referring to the privacy information of the client, it features a NO-Log policy. Therefore, it never keeps information regarding visiting sites, cookies, etc. Thus, it provides a completely anonymous experience to the user. Hence, he/she will have a carefree experience that their history is never recorded.

Another best thing about IP Vanish VPN is that it provides peer connection to its users. Hence, in this way, there is no loss of data, and speed is also the same as that of your Ip address. Thus, the P2P connection ensures the reliability and safety of the IP Vanish virtual private network.

Therefore, IP Vanish is strict regarding its policy. They never violate the systems mentioned above.

Pros and Cons:


Uses high-level encryption.
Provides a median rate of about two hundred Mbps.
User-friendly interface results in easy accessibility.
Advantage of connecting multiple devices.
Good download as well as upload speeds.


Disconnects up to five times a day.
The refund policy should not be less than a month.

Pricing and Plans:

Now I’ll discuss some of the pricing plans of IP Vanish VPN. However, it has some excellent and affordable pricing plans. Thus, if you don’t like any of their services, then you can simply get your money back. However, they have three ideas.

Their first plan is a one month plan. It costs around nine dollars. Thus, it is an economic plan. The second plan is three months, and the third plan is a yearly plan. The second plan costs about seven dollars and twenty cents per month. Third plan costs around five dollars and twenty cents.

However, if the user subscribes to any of the plans mentioned above, and he doesn’t like their service, then he can have his money back within seven days. This period is quite less, but it is one of the sad realities.

Final Thoughts:

In my personal experience, I’ll recommend IP Vanish VPN. This is because it is one of the secure and easy use VPN. However, their prices are a little expensive, but it provides quality service.

It thus provides useful services. I’ll discuss some of these services below.

Nowadays, many online platforms offer a lot of exciting promotional offers. These offers do not apply to every region. Thus, IP Vanish VPN provides its users to change their respective areas so that they can view and avail those offers. So, in this way, customers save a lot of money, and later they can also utilize them on other products.

Another useful application is torrent browsing. It is a federal crime in Europe and nearby regions. If a user downloads/uploads torrents without hiding his identity, he can also serve some jail time. However, a user must hide his status.

Therefore, IP Vanish VPN plays a vital role as it hides the identity of a user. Thus, the exact location never gets revealed. So, if a user downloads/uploads torrents, he will never reveal his true identity. In this way, a Wind scribe VPN provides a safe pathway for the user.

However, in short, IP Vanish VPN is the best choice that can be made by the user.

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