Tunnel Bear VPN Review

Tunnel Bear VPN is a Canada based VPN. However, Tunnel Bear was a product of “Mc Afee Security” in the beginning. Thus, the VPN services were initially released in 2011. Tunnel Bear VPN service is available in twenty-two countries. It also allows its users to choose from them. Therefore, multiple IP addresses of the states are available for the users to select.

Why choose Tunnel Bear VPN?

There are a lot of reasons for subscribing to the Tunnel Bear VPN. Thus, one of the fundamental reasons for choosing a Tunnel bear VPN is the excellent speed of their servers. However, they have more than twenty servers which operate from a lot of different location. Therefore, their servers never lack ping in any aspect. However, it is better to choose the Tunnel Bear VPN.

Another reason for choosing Tunnel Bear VPN is that it is user friendly. Hence, a user who doesn’t know much about computers can also use it. Therefore, it is easy to access VPN. Users can download and install it at will as required.

It is also a great VPN from the perspective of security. However, the Tunnel Bear VPN service has a high-level encryption system. Thus, user data can never be lost in this way. So, AES level encryption service is not available in some other VPNs. It is the prime facility that is provided by the Tunnel Bear VPN service.

Their payment plans and premium packages are also cheap as compared to other virtual networks. Their security services are also guaranteed. However, if a VPN is secure enough for a user to use them without thinking about anything, you should always subscribe to it.

Works On:

This VPN can render their services for more than one platform at a time. Thus, the total platforms of Tunnel bear VPN are five. These include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, and IOS.


This VPN has a lot of unique features. They are as follows:

  1. It offers great peer to peer connections to the users. As a result, they get the best possible experience. Hence, P2P relationships of Tunnel Bear VPN are the most stable and secure connections.
  2. This VPN also provides freedom of choice to its clients. Therefore, on your cellular device, you can choose which software will aware of the services of Tunnel Bear VPN.
  3. It is one of the trusted networks from a security point of view. Hence it uses some high-quality encryption protocols which are similar to those of the military. Therefore, information is always safe.
  4. It allows the users to view the blocked content in their respective regions. Hence, it lifts a ban from restricted sites.
  5. This VPN also maintains speed when the connection is unstable. Hence, it supports the speed of your internet service. Whenever your internet service provider is acting slower than usual, Tunnel Bear VPN tries to maintain the speed of your connection.


Concerning privacy, This VPN offers excellent services. They use some high-quality protocols which enable the AES encryption of users. Therefore, in this way, there is no loss of information. With AES encryption, loss of information becomes impossible. So, they never violated their laws.

This VPN also has a No-Log policy. Therefore, it never keeps the information of the users. In this way, the information never gets known to anyone. Thus, it never remains the activity record. It is because the state from where it is operating never requires any of the client information.

Pros and Cons:

As the use of a VPN has advantages and disadvantages. However, Tunnel Bear VPN has many advantages and disadvantages.


Helps users filter websites.
Doesn’t track the user history.


Lacking speed severely affects the performance of your server.
Doesn’t let users connect to Netflix.

Pricing and Plans:

Concerning the payment plans and packages of VPN, it provides some of the best packages. Therefore, their bags are easily affordable for the majority of users. Here I’ll discuss some information regarding their payment plans.

They have two types of plans. These plans include free plans and premium plans. For using the open plan, no subscription is required, and no idea is to be purchased. However, the package is limited. But it spoils the user experience due to the high number of advertisements.

While discussing premium plans, there are three types of packages. If someone subscribes to a monthly package, it costs around ten dollars. When the user accepts one yearly package, it costs around six dollars per month. But when the user subscribes to a two-yearly package, it will cost around four dollars per month.

Final Thoughts:

I’ll instead say that Tunnel Bear VPN is the best choice that can be made by the user. Hence, while subscribing to a VPN for the long term, one should consider subscribing to Tunnel Bear VPN due to its attractive packages.

Thus, Tunnel Bear offers several high applications. I’ll discuss some of these applications so that users will have full knowledge of their uses.

One of the best facilities by VPN is that it offers safe passage whenever or wherever a user is torrent browsing. As of nowadays, torrent browsing is the most common practice. However, if your client is turned on, you can easily download and upload torrents at will as per requirement.

You won’t be Noticed:

Whenever you’re at a public location and getting connected to an open hotspot, you don’t know whether the hotspot is safe or not. With the use of a VPN, you can quickly identify whether your connectivity to the hotspot is reliable or not. Hence, it protects your identity and assigns a virtual location to provide you with a secure environment.

As of nowadays, the majority of streaming platform services are banned in some regions. Therefore, services are not available in every area. Thus, Tunnel Bear VPN plays an essential part by changing the location of the user so that he can easily avail of all the services. Hence, in this way, he can enjoy himself without getting noticed.

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