ZenMate VPN Review (2024)

ZenMate VPN is a product of “Zen Guard Gmbh.” It is a Germany based company. Their total number of users is more than forty million users worldwide. Zen Mate VPN started in 2013. It is claimed as one of the best VPNs around the world.

Why ZenMate VPN?

  1. The interface of Zen Mate VPN is also simple. However, according to the reviews of some users, the interface is user friendly. Therefore, no problems are faced by them while using the client.
  2. Zen Mate VPN uses several protocols that are mandatory for the client to function. Some of the essential contracts include PPTP, IP Sec, SSL, SLCP.
  3. PPTP is one of the underlying protocols used by the client. There is no VPN server without it. It assigns the user with a virtual IP address. Thus, he can easily view all the blocked content.
  4. Other protocols are also equally important because they ensure a secure pathway for the user. Thus, none can view your accurate information.
  5. You can also monitor your location using Zen Mate VPN. However, in areas from your original region, then the client never bothers you.
  6. However, Zen Mate is included in the top ten virtual networks list. If ratings are considered, then Zen Mate is the best choice that can be made by the user. It has a diverse number of features that make an exciting and thrilling experience for the user.
  7. Its primary speciality is that it is proven itself to be the best VPN over recent years for torrent browsing. The downloading, as well as uploading speed of Zen Mate VPNs, are impressive. Their median rate is more than two hundred Mbps. However, there is no lack of speed or ping of the server.
  8. Thus, the packages offered by the service are also economical as compared to other VPN clients. Therefore, average VPNs cost around three or four dollars per month. However, Zen Mate VPN costs around two dollars per month, which is cheap as compared to other VPNs.
  9. Therefore, if a spammer tries to spam a user or steal his/her information, then Zen Mate prevents it. However, the protocols used are more complicated than normal ones. So, in short, it is one of the most secure VPNs.

Works on:

Zenmate has some limited options when it comes to platforms but it does get the job done by being accessible to the majority of people. The platforms it’s found on is:

  1. Android
  2. Browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox.
  3. IOS devices.
  4. macOS
  5. Windows


Zen Mate VPN has some significant applications regarding everyday life. I discuss some of them below.

Torrent Browsing:

One of the best applications of Zen Mate VPN is that it provides faster torrent browsing. However, downloading and uploading torrents is a federal crime in Europe and nearby regions. Therefore, if an individual is convicted, he/she can serve jail time. Thus, for the protection of identity, using Zen Mate VPN is necessary.

Therefore, if a user subscribes to the Zen Mate VPN, then he can easily possess a virtual location. Thus, after having a virtual position, you’ll maintain a virtual IP address. Therefore, the authorities of a region can never know about your history.

Allotment of anonymous IP address:

If a particular user subscribes to Zen Mate VPN, he/she can quickly get economical packages. Therefore, when the client is turned on by the user, then he is assigned a virtual location by the VPN client to which he/she gets connected. Therefore, in this way, the user becomes anonymous as the original identity and IP address are hidden by the user.

So, it plays an essential role in assigning a fake IP address to the user, making him anonymous.

Saving money at online platforms:

Nowadays, many different marketing strategies are followed by various companies. So, in this way, a user can avail of a lot of promotional offers, making it easy for him to save money.

However, there are many online shopping platforms such as Amazon, Ali Express, etc. nowadays. For getting discounts, there are many promos that are available in selective regions. Everyone cannot avail of those promos. Thus, these promo codes are available in particular areas. Hence, Zen Mate provides the facility of assigning a virtual location so users can easily subscribe to their services.

Using streaming platforms:

Zen Mate VPN facilitates its clients in many ways. They can easily use streaming services for different platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. As some streaming platforms are not available in different regions so, Zen mate VPN assigns a different location to the user. As a result, he can visit all these platforms.

Whenever a user is connected to the client, it assigns a virtual/fake location that changes the IP address. As a result, the activity of the user can not be monitored because of the change of position by the user.

Safe Net Surfing:

Zen Mate VPN is included in the top ten list. However, from the security perspective, Zen Mate VPN uses high-level encryption. So, bugs or hackers can never steal any information from clients. Hence, the service of Zen Mate VPN is secure, and users never face any problems related to security.

Thus, a secure and safe passageway is followed by the user when he/she is connected to the client. There can never be any loss of information by the user.


Just as you would expect from the greatest of VPNs that are dominating the web, this app also withholds the recording of users data. Their no-logging policy is great as it gives their user full anonymity and protection to their data from third parties.

Pros and cons:

There are many pros and cons to using Zen Mate VPN. Therefore, it is beneficial to the user in many ways. I’ll list some of the essential points below.


Quickly assigns the user with a virtual location
Available in more than fifty-two languages.
Maintain the speed of your client.
Reconnects without bothering the user.


Compatibility issues on Windows 7.
The client can never auto-assign a server.

Pricing and planning:

The app provides a free trial as well but the plans have more value to them. There are three plans that you can choose from:

  • The one month deal is 8.99$ per month.
  • The half-year deal consists of the users paying 7.49$ monthly.
  • The twelve-month deals with 4.99$ per month.

The yearly deal is more economical than most of your VPNs out there, provided they also give this many utilities with their services.

Final Thoughts:

This VPN is considered one of the best VPNs out there with a multitude of features that makes it the best in the business. With the best speeds, great security measures and protocols and the best user interaction, this app just becomes a favorite for many. The great prices on this thing are also an attraction and anyone who has ever used this will tell you that it’s one of the greatest experience they’ve had when it comes to VPNs.

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