Top 10 Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Windows 10 PC

If you are looking to play Nintendo games on your Windows 10 PC, then this article is for you. In this article, we will show you the best Nintendo DS emulators that are available on the internet for free. We will inform you all about the best Nintendo DS Emulators. So let’s jump right into this.

What is Nintendo DS Emulator?

Nintendo DS has been a very popular gaming console among gamers of all time. It has one of the best games for the system. Internet is full of Nintendo DS emulators, but who can guarantee that they are safe to use. This is why we choose the safest and best Nintendo DS emulators for you. 

An Emulator lets your system run a program that was designed for another program. Nintendo DS Emulator is an example of this. You can download a Nintendo Emulator on your Windows 10 PC, and enjoy the best games of Nintendo easily. Nintendo DS was released in 2004 by the Nintendo company. Let us show you the best Nintendo DS emulators for your Windows 10 PC.


CoolNDS has a lot of positive reviews on the Google Play Store. This emulator was updated a long time ago in 2014. It means that you will not be having any kinds of updates or bug fixes. But people have positive reviews about it. So, you can give it a try Wikipedia.


RectroArch helps you play various console games directly on your Windows 10 PC. It contains a lot of cool features. It is the best option for you if you want to use an emulator that runs SNES, NES, 3DS, and other high-quality outputs.

Other Emulators only let you customize your games, but this emulator also lets you customize the graphics. If your device can handle 4K, then you can also increase your graphic quality to 4k.

AseDS Emulator

AseDS emulator lets you play Nintendo DS games on Android devices at anytime you want. There are many features inside this app like a dual touch screen, codebreaker cheats, action replays, and many other features. AseDS is considered the best DS emulator for Android.

It is also top-rated on the Google Play Store app. The reason for it being the best in its gaming. It has the best gaming speed compared to other emulators. If you hate ads then we have bad news for you. This app shows a lot of ads. This app is only compatible with Android 


NO$GBA is one of the strongest Nintendo DS emulators for PC. It has introduced Gameboy Advance Games. It has good graphics and it works very fast on PCs.

This Nintendo DS emulator is not available for any platform other than Windows, It supports DSI games in Nintendo. It has a high velocity and weak endurance. You can use joysticks and cheat codes.

Pretendo DS Emulator

Pretendo DS Emulator is one of the best apps to play Nintendo games. This emulator is only available for Android devices. You can play most Nintendo games on your Android device using this emulator. It gives you many cool features.

You can autosave your games so you never lose your game data. You can continue your game where you left from. Most emulators interrupt your game by showing the Save dialog box, but the Pretendo DS emulator saves you from all this. This emulator lets you customize enhancements like low graphics setup levels, mute sound, and much more. It also lets you customize buttons for a great gaming experience.

MelonDS emulator

The next Nintendo DS emulator on our list is the MelonDS emulator. It always updates to improve its features and remove bugs. This emulator helps us to capture high resolutions even with medium-performance devices by using its revolutionary OpenGL rendering.

It is the perfect emulator for your Windows 10 PC. The MelonDS emulator provides you with some additional features like door panel configuration, and joystick support. You can only find this emulator on Windows, and Linux platforms. It has increased its resolution performance in the recent updates.

DuoS Emulator

DuoS Emulator was developed by Roor and it was launched on the internet for everyone. It is one of the fastest emulators. You can experience it even on a slow PC. The GPU acceleration of this emulator makes you feel like a real-life experience.

You can enjoy almost every commercial game on it. It saves the state system, as well as supports full-screen resolution. 

NDS4Droid Emulator

NDS4Droid is a completely free Nintendo DS emulator. It has a good sound quality, and the save and resume feature. Let us tell you something cool about this app.

Its code is open source. You can make frequent changes to it. You can improve this app. You can contact the app’s official website if you want to make a good improvement to it.

DStatic Emulator

This emulator is only available for Android users. It has the best rating among all other emulators. This emulator app also supports cheat code, and it lets you save and resume your game from where you quit it while playing. It increases the game’s 3D graphics two times higher than their original resolution.

This feature is optional and works best on high-end-quad-core devices. You can customize the placement and size of the DS screen for landscape and portrait mode. It is a paid emulator but you can also use its demo version for free.

The DeSmuMe emulator

The DeSmuMe emulator is our best emulator on this list. It has a weird name but the performance of this app is the opposite. It is the best DS Emulator for PC. You can use this reliable app on both Windows and Mac platforms. 

It will let you experience the best gaming experience of all time. This emulator also allows you to save a slot feature to continue the game that you missed. It also has some additional features like USB controller support and cheats code manager.


We hope this article helped you find the best Nintendo DS emulator for your Windows 10 PC. We showed you the best emulator apps and you can use anyone out of them. They are completely free and secure to use.

If you want to share something with us, then you can share it in the comment section. If you have any queries, then you can also ask in the comment section. We would love to help you.

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