How can you Add bots on your Discord Server?

Discord is a gamer-free chat software. This free chat software is popular with many gamers across the world. This software is straightforward to use and Discord management of the server is also quite simple. Although the application itself is fairly strong, new functionality may always be added. After all, not everybody gives up like that. Discord allows users to add bots to their servers, adapt the server they want, and add functionalities.

What are Discord bots?

Bots are simple computer programmes that communicate with humans (and occasionally with other bots) to automate specific tasks. A bot is a website that has a friendly chat window that pops up right away and offers to converse with you about their product or service. You see bot interactions (beep! boop!) all the time if you use Reddit.


Depending on their goal, design, and deployment, bots can be beneficial or irritating. Bots on Discord provide a range of useful and non-useful functions to the community on the server where they “exist.” Bots may be added to your Discord server to assist you in moderating users or to make your server more distinctive and interesting.

How can you find Discord bots?

There are thousands of bots accessible for free in the Discord community. If you like, you may find a list of some amusing and semi-useful bots here, but more serious bots can be found on the Carbonitex website, which is widely considered as one of the greatest Discord bot repositories. Discord Bots is another renowned Discord bot source. For the very dedicated, a GitHub search for Discord bots will turn up almost anything that is public.

The advantages of adding bots to the server

Bots may be viewed as virtual helpers who improve the communication experience of every gamer. Once the bot is added to your discord server, you may use it whenever you choose.


Adding discord bots also eliminates a requirement to follow the scores and statistics of other gamers on the discord server. These bots may make you chuckle at the intensive games and help you boost your productivity.

Adding Bots on Discord Server using Computer

Here are steps that you need to follow to add bots on discord server using your computer:


On your Android devices, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, open your chosen browser.

Step 2

Find the Website whose discord bots you can easily utilize in the URL column at the top of the PC screen. Carbonite and Discord Bots are fantastic locations to look at if you are having difficulties locating a website. There are enormous libraries on both websites, Carbonite Discord bots. Full of Discord Bots will find you here.

Step 3

Click ‘Invite’ or ‘Install’ when you discover your favorite bot of discord. Click on the ‘Add Server Bot’ button. It changes with the bots you sew. between these websites. You are sent to the Discord server instantly.

Step 4

Log in to your discord account if you haven’t previously logged in. You are automatically undirected, but to allow the new Discord bot to be installed when you check in on the discord server.

Step 5

Choose the discord server where you want to add a new Discord bot, then click ‘We want to pick a server.’

Step 6

Click ‘Authorize’ when you’ve picked the server.


Note: To add your favorite Discord bot to your server, you must have your own discord server administrator. You can’t approve a discord bot without the administrator. Then proceed with instructions if you’re a server administrator. If not, the server owner will seek authorization in advance.

Adding bots on Discord Server Using mobile App

Here are steps that you need to follow to add bots on discord server using your Mobile App:

Step 1

Start your preferred web browser on smarts like Chrome and Firefox on your Android phones. You must discover the discord app on your smartphone in the applications area.

Step 2

Find the website whose discord can be readily used in the URL box at the top of your smartphone screen.

Step 3

Click ‘Invite’ or ‘Install’ if you discover the Discord bot you are looking for. Tap the ‘Add Server Bot’ button. It varies from web pages to bots you sort through. You will be sent to the Discord server immediately.

Step 4

Log in to your discard account if you are not already logged in. Once you log in, you’re undirected again, but let the new Discord bot install.

Step 5

Tap the ‘Select a server box and then select a disc server to add your new Discord bot.

Step 6

Tap the ‘Authorize Server’ when you have picked the server.


Note: The ‘Allow’ button occasionally may not show, depending on your smartphone or android device. If the same situation applies to your phone, you will see the Allow button in the landscape orientation.

An alternate method for Adding bots in Discord server

The previously stated approach is extremely straightforward. But this method may benefit you if you are a pro user who wants to swiftly add bots to your own server.

Step 1

Insert the following URL in any of your smartphone or PC browser of choice. id= <Bot Client ID> &scope=bot&permissions=0

Step 2

In the given URL, substitute Bot Client ID with the bot’s client ID.

Step 3

Then permit the bot and check the captcha, similar to the prior way.


You now know how to add bots on your discord server, move on and improve your discord server with great bots that are beneficial to you. There are many bots for the Discord servers accessible and here you may look at the best of some of the websites to which you refer. If you would like to read this article, please comment below, we would always want your feedback on our topic or article. We will answer immediately if you have an issue when adding bots. Thank you for reading. Thanks for reading.

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