How to do spoilers in discord?

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Discord – what is it?

Gaming chat app Discord is the most popular. Different sorts of content providers have joined this platform in recent years. Chatting with other users of Discord is possible through this software for everyone. Sending photos and movies is also an option.


This software has a lot of features. If you use this app, you may communicate with others by sending them messages that include gifs, emoticons, and photos. However, not every Discord user is familiar with Markdown formatting. While we’re at it, a user may add a spoiler tag to their Discord chat. Every Discord user knows how easy it is to get spoiled on the software.


What does the Spoiler tag in Discord mean exactly?

You may use spoiler tags in Discord to warn other users that you’re about to reveal material that some people aren’t ready for. We’ll provide you an example to help you understand the spoiler tag: It’s called “spoiler” if you tell someone what occurs next to or at the end of a web series or a movie. Another user can only see a black or grey box when this spoiler tag is put to the message.


Having trouble making a spoiler tag in the Discord app? No problem. These tips and tricks will help you create and use spoiler tags in Discord. On your smartphone, these methods will work.


Using a Spoiler on Discord

Among gamers, Discord is the most popular platform for chatting. In addition to the fact that it can be used for screen sharing, audio, and video chats as well as creating servers, there is a big community of individuals using it all over the world, which contributes to its popularity. Discord has several features, but today we’ll focus on the spoiler tag. To add a spoiler tag in Discord, there are two ways to do so.


  • Incorporating Spoilers through a tag in the Discord app
  • Using Discord’s hiding option


Option 1: Incorporating Spoilers through a tag in the Discord app


Step 1

To begin, open the Discord app and log in with the necessary credentials.

Step 2

The next step is to pick a server.

Step 3

Enter your message in the “message” field now. Please note that “Hello! This message contains a spoiler. as text.

Step 4

Last but not least, you’ll need to type ‘||’ before and after the spoiler text, and then hit enter.


Using the first way, you may utilize the Discord Desktop software, the Discord Browser app, and even the Discord Android and iOs apps.


Option 2: Using Discord’s hiding option

Step 1

Open the Discord app and then click on the Open Dashboard option to begin the process.

Step 2

Your message will be typed on the Discord Chat server.

Step 3

Choose the section of the message you don’t want anyone to view or conceal. A new set of alternatives will emerge above the text.

Step 4

Click on the eye-shaped symbol at the end of the process to add a spoiler tag automatically to your discord message.

Step 5

In order to reveal your spoiler message, hit the Enter key and wait till someone clicks on the black box.



We conclude this guide on How to do Spoiler on Discord. There are a couple of solutions for this in this post, and both are effective, straightforward, and easy to implement. You may add a spoiler tag to Discord using any manner you choose. If any of your friends are curious about the Spoiler tag, send them this article. It is really appreciated that you took the time to read it.

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