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Best KissAnime Alternatives: Anime movies are gaining increasing fame and acceptance among viewers. People are shifting in rows towards anime cartoons. However, when we talk about anime movies, a name instantly clicks in our minds and that is KissAnime. Due to the increasing traffic, the developers of this site are more active in improving the website content. The purpose is solely to provide the viewers with the best user experience along with quality content.

KissAnime Alternative:

KissAnime is the best one to watch anime movies. You might be addicted to anime movies, series, or TV shows and you are a regular visitor of this website. The best thing about this website is that it provides you with HD quality content and the site is even free to use. They also offer you to request the stuff of your own choice and they will upload it according to your will.

If you are not quite familiar with the website, there are certain things that you must heed before you start watching movies on this platform. And if you are the one who is addicted to the KissAnime content, there are things you need to know as they may affect you in some aspects.

Regardless of providing you with the best user experience and quality of movies and stuff, the website has its own flaws. This website is considered to have copyright issues and the content it contains is pirated and copied from other resources. The owners could claim copyright legalities against the website for using their content, and against you for watching that pirated content.

Is KissAnime illegal?

KissAnime is the platform that provides you with quality content with their updated episodes and latest movies and all the in HD format. You can also register yourself on this site to get the latest updates about upcoming episodes and movies in your inbox. They also offer you the option to request your favorite show, movie, or series and that will be uploaded on your request.

You will find all the stuff and media on their homepage. If you are unable to find the required stuff, there is the option to search the content that you want from the search menu.

But, with so much on the plate to offer, doesn’t it seem that it is too much and even free? There might be something fishy on this website that you need to know. As I have mentioned earlier, the site contains copied data from various sources and this is an act that is illegal and against law in various countries. Most of the countries have banned this website for visitors, therefore you might not be able to access it with regards to its criminal activities.

Is it Safe to Use KissAnime?

Having known about the above-mentioned facts you might not want to use this website to stream your favorite shows. I would also recommend that you don’t use this website, rather you can refer to other platforms that I will discuss further down in this article.

Accessing this site’s content can have you get a legal notice from the producers of the original content that may make you liable to penalties. Many companies also warn users about the legalities that they could face by having accessed their contents. They could do so by attacking these kinds of websites.

Moreover, KissAnime Alternatives the website could put some useless, rather harmful, content into your system making your privacy compromised. Moreover, the website also contains unethical or adult content that may not be suitable for your kids as it is highly likely that you kids watch anime cartoons. It can badly affect their brain.

Sometimes, the auto clicks ads also make you vulnerable to your privacy breach and cyber-attack. Your computer may be hacked, your location can be detected and you might face some threats from the hackers demanding money to keep your privacy safe.

KissAnime Mirror Sites:

Due to the plausible threats for the users and the copyright issue, KissAnime has been blocked in many countries. However, there are certain mirror websites of KissAnime that you can use to access the content.

But in some times, even these mirror websites are not accessible as they could pose the same level of threat and same privacy issues. Following are some of the mirror websites of KissAnime:

  1. kissanimetv.net
  2. kissanime.tv
  3. 9anime.to
  4. Kissanime.ru
  5. Kiss-anime.xyz
  6. Kissanime.nz
  7. Kiss-anime.co
  8. Kissanime.ac
  9. Kissanime.digital
  10. Kiss-anime.ws

KissAnime Alternative Websites:

As I have discussed that KissAnime website has been blocked in many countries due to its illegal activities and copied content, there must be some other websites that anime movies fans could use to watch anime movies.

Actually, there are a number of websites that are used for watching anime movies worldwide. It is highly likely that some, or all, of these websites, may also contain copied content and are as much dangerous to use as the KissAnime website. You can access these websites at your own risk to watch your favorite anime movies and shows.


Toonova is the best website for those cartoon fans who cannot wait for new episodes. The best this about this website is that it releases new movies and episodes now and then. It also contains mirror websites so that you could access as many episodes as you want. A perfect mesh for anime fans.

Cartoon Extra:

Cartoon Extra contains your favorite cartoons and movies like The Loud House, Sponge Bob Square, Adventure Time, Dora the Explorer, and Frequent Display among others to fascinate anime fans. Just like its name, it gives you extra delight.

Kiss Cartoon:

Kiss Cartoon is the best platform for streaming Anime videos and shows. Stream and watch your favorite shows with a click. Kiss Cartoon offers you a whole lot of cartoons and anime movies to explore, you can choose from a whole bunch of series and animated movies to watch. For those who are not natives, the website contains both dubbed and subbed versions.

Watch Cartoon Online:

Watch Cartoon Online is comparably the same platform as KissAnime. It offers you the same outlook and also most of the same content. Go and visit it and witness yourself. All the cartoons or movies are arranged in alphabetical order, so you won’t have difficulty finding your best show to watch. Ranging from anime movies to TV shows, to cartoons, to series, it is a mega jackpot. It is the best platform if you want to pass a quality of your time and the kids will love it.

 Go Go Anime:

Go Go Anime is a safer platform to access your favorited anime movies and TV shows. It keeps the content in categories, it shows you the most popular content, most viewed content, and also the newly uploaded and released one. The site contains subbed and dubbed versions of anime movies and if you don’t like the movies, you can demand your favourite ones to be uploaded. In short, this website offers you similar services like KissAnime and also with security and safety.

9 Anime:

9 Anime offers you a whole bunch of dubbed and subbed versions of anime movies, TV shows, and cartoons. Most of the important and attractive factor of this website is that it intimates you about upcoming movies and also announces their schedules. It keeps on updating newly released movies and shows so that you stay connected with the latest movies and enjoy them. It is a good alternative to KissAnime as it looks like KissAnime in its entirety.

Anime Planet:

Anime-Planet was launched in 2001. Since then, there have been uploaded more than 40,000 episodes in their entirety. The developers of this website are working hard to provide you with the latest episodes and quality content for your pleasure. The content is legal and the website is safe to use. It contains anime movies in subbed and dubbed versions, in high-definition quality. Visit this website and it will provide you a diversity of genres to choose from your favorite one.

Anime Land:

The homepage of the Anime Land website is well designed, and a list of available anime movies is also included so that you could easily find your favorite movies in just a glance. The website contains dubbed and subbed versions of your favorite shows so you could watch them with ease. The site has been listed as one of the best websites for anime content. Access the content without any registration or signup.

KIM Cartoon:

KIM Cartoon has an attractive homepage. The website resembles KissAnime in many aspects. The content of the website is free of cost to access so you can watch your favorite shows without spending a penny. However, the site needs you to register yourself to be able to access the content. The developers of this website regularly upload the latest episodes and movies and the content is of high quality. They offer you the option to request your favourite movies or report any bugs.

Anime Frenzy:

Anime Frenzy does not need you to sign up or register to access its content. It is known that the website contains the largest database of anime movies and anime shows. It provides you with a well-developed user-friendly environment that visitors really love. You will find regularly uploaded latest movies on this website. Could also be used as an alternative to KissAnime.

Is KissAnime Down:

Users and visitors of KissAnime are really worried as their favorite platform for streaming anime movies have been down. You might be wondering why it has happened and what you could do about it. As I have already discussed that due to copyright issues that KissAnime website may be closed in your home country.

Final words for KissAnime:

However, I have crafted the above list for you so that you could keep watching your favorite shows without any hindrance. Though we know that KissAnime is the best platform for watching anime movies but there are certain legalities that are bound to be applied and followed.

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