12 Best Primewire Alternatives You Can Use to Watch Movies Online

Movies are widely watched all around the world by almost every person for leisure purposes. They are quite helpful to pass time, relax and get entertained at the same time. According to an estimate, 8 out of 1o persons prefer watching movies online due to the improvement in internet quality and the pace of streaming. You can stream even HD quality videos online without any pause due to bad internet.

In this regard, online movies providers are benefitting from this trend and are offering their services worldwide and earning a handsome amount of money. However, apart from these paid platforms, there are numerous unpaid platforms that offer you free of cost movies and TV shows that you can watch for free. But these unpaid platforms come with some side effects like copyright and vulnerability to the privacy breach.

What is Primewire?

Prime wire is a free platform for watching movies online. It is most popular among viewers who love watching movies online, without having trouble downloading. The website contains movies from a diverse genre, like action, thriller, horror, comedy, adventure, science-fiction, romance, mystery, war, and a lot more. They gather the content from more than 50 different countries from around the world. The website contains full HD quality movies so you could have full fun.

The developers of this website are quite prudent and make efforts to keep the site user friendly and they also keep updating the content. New movies and TV shows are added every now and then to keep the viewers updated about the latest movies and programs. There is also an option for leaving feedback about the movie you have watched. You can also find IMDb ratings of movies on this website, so you get an idea of the movie before starting to watch it.

However, users are facing issues accessing Pimewire for some time.

What is Wrong with Primewire?

People are having a hard time accessing Primewire for some time. It is true that the website is replete with the quality of movies from different genre and a number of different TV shows, there is also a negative side to this website. We have seen multiple questions from different users over the internet whether Primewire is down? What happened to primewire? And many other questions like these.

The answer is that everything has a cost, nothing comes free. A similar thing happened with Primewire. Primewire does not follow ISPs of different countries due to which most of the countries have blocked the working of this website in their regions. The website does not provide unique and copyright authorized content that is not acceptable in legal terms. In this regard, if you witness any such issue with this website like accessing it, you must realize that the authorities of your country have blocked its functioning in your region.

12 Best Primewire Alternatives You can Use to Access Free Movies:

If you are a movie lover and can’t help watching movies, I have jotted down a list of some other platforms that you can access to watch your favourite movies and TV shows and get entertained. These websites also function similar to Primewire and contain free content and can be used as an alternative to Primewire.


iFlix can be used as an alternative for Primewire. It contains movies, TV shows, dramas, serials and seasons that you can watch for free. The website also keeps its contents updated regularly. It also contains content for people of all ages. It contains cartoons, songs and popular TV shows. You will find content from different countries of the world on this website free of cost. Try it as a Primewire alternative and you will not be disappointed.


Vumoo is another alternative to Primewire. It offers you a lot of online stuff and content for free. You don’t need to register to watch your favourite movies, TV shows, or any other program. The movies contained on this website have been labelled with IMDb rating so that you could get the idea of the movie you are about to watch. Movies and TV serials are arranged in their separate categories. However, movies have not been categorized in their specific genre. But you can find the best movie for yourself by searching it in the search bar that can also act as a filter to get the type of movies you want to watch.


Streamliners teem with amazing movies, TV serials, dramas, and other different shows. The website resembles Primewire in a lot of aspects. It also contains IMDb ratings of the movies. You can watch these movies, TV shows or other serials free of cost, but you need to register yourself before being able to watch any movie. It also gives you an option to search for your favourite movies or your favourite genre. This website can also be used as a Primewire alternative.


SolarMovie is another amazing website to stream movies free of cost. The website has a professional look and the content is arranged in different categories. You will experience a user-friendly environment on this website. The IMDb ratings are also mentioned along with the movies so that the viewer could get to know whether the movie is worth the time and worth watching. SolarMovie provides you with HD quality and Blu-ray videos, and never contains Cam versions of movies. As a free platform for streaming movies, you are going to enjoy this one.


FilmHD4U is a popular platform for watching free movies online. Viewers of this website are so impressed with their experience that they are of the view that you might forget about FilmHD4U once you jump on to this website to watch your favorite movies and shows. It contains a vast collection of movies, TV shows, serials and seasons, and much more to entertain you and make your time worth it. The website regularly uploads the latest released movies and TV shows so that you do not get bored watching the same movie again and again. However, this comes with a negative aspect also, it needs registration to be able to watch movies.


123Movies is getting fame day by day as we know that many other movies streaming websites are being shut down. It provides the best user experience and attractive homepage design. This website also has its mirror website and a variety of content for visitors for their leisure purposes. This website contains ads that may be an unwanted aspect, but this is the only way the developers are able to provide the users with the best content. All the content on this website is categorized and properly arranged for the users so that users do not get a hard time searching for the relevant movies or shows.


OpenLoadFreeTV is another one of the best alternatives for Primewire. It contains all kinds of TV shows, movies, serials, cartoons and much more. Another good feature of this website is that all the stuff is well managed and uniquely categorized. The categories are not only based on the genre, but also on the year of release. You will not find it a hard time to find your best or favourite movie here. But, according to resources, the website is not safe to use as it poses a threat to your privacy. Therefore, it is recommended that you only use this website when you are pretty sure that your data is safe and secure.


FMovies has gained popularity and fame over a period of time as in the start, not more people were aware of it. With the passage of time, the website got more and more engagements and now the website has the latest TV shows, movies of all kind of genre, and other stuff. Like another website, it contains well managed and well-organized content. All the content is categorized with respect to their genre, the country where it belongs, and the release date. It also shows you movies according to alphabetic order. Just view the IMDb rating of any movie, grab popcorns and start watching.


Popcornflix is another best platform for watching your favorite movies and an alternative for Primewire. The website keeps updating its stuff and you will find newly released movies under the category, New Arrivals. All the movies are properly categorized not only according to their genre but according to some other aspects also. It contains a huge collection of your favourite movies and TV shows. You don’t need to register yourself to watch movies, just visit the link and start watching.


You can find your favorite movies arranged under categories like by year, by country and by language. You can browse your favorite movies according to your taste and preference. AFDAH contains movies of various, however, the most visited ones are action, adventure, science-fiction, drama, romance, comedy etc. There have been developers hired to run and update the website more often, therefore one cannot believe in the authenticity of the content. This website also deletes the movie against which copyright claim has been registered.

Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja offers you free stuff (movies, TV shows etc.) just like Primewire. It does not need any registration so you could stream your favourite movies as soon as you jump to the page. The content is categorized and arranged properly so you will not need to spend time searching for your favourite movie. Enjoy all this amazing stuff and much more without even heeding towards annoying and useless ads. The website does not even need you to register yourself to be able to watch quality movies. Grab your popcorns and hit start the movie and enjoy watching.


CoolMovieZone is another well-organized and well-managed website for watching free online movies. It is categorized on the basis of genre and some other factors like release date, most viewed, most popular etc. You can find the newly released movies here with just one click. The website does not need you to register yourself, so you can easily stream movies in one go. The search bar provides you with the option of searching for your favourite movies and watch them. This website can be your best alternative for Primewire to watch free movies.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Primewire:

Is Primewire safe to use?

Primewire is not safe to use as it can attack your privacy. The website is not officially legal and you cannot claim action against it whenever you face any cyber-attack. Therefore, it is recommended that you use any VPN whenever you use this website to watch movies.

Is Primewire legal?

Primewire is not a legal platform. The content it contains has no copyright authority and also it does not have its own unique content. All the content is copied and this is the reason, the website has been blocked in most of the countries.

Some Primewire Mirror Websites:

Another alternative to Primewire is using its mirror websites. These platforms can also give you the same experience as that of other Primewire itself.

Summing Up:

Primewire is an amazing platform for browsing and watching your favourite shows and movies. However, due to some issues like legal and copyright issues, the website has been blocked by the authorities of different countries. The good news is that there are a lot of alternatives for Primewire that afford you quality content, your favourite movies and TV shows. If your country has blocked access to Primewire you can access these other available options and watch your favorite stuff.

Note: The content covered in this article is not intended to promote any of the links or websites or to endorse them. It is just for educational purpose only.

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